Gottfried von Einem-Focus

On the occasion of his 100th birthday

Gottfried von Einem was not only the most popular composer of his time in Austria but he was also very influential in cultural politics. Already his Opus 4 was first performed by Karajan. At the age of 29 he had his breakthrough with the world premiere of his opera "Dantons Tod" (Salzburg Festival). His uncomprimising and upright attitude caused some sensations ("Brecht-scandal", his opera "Jesu Hochzeit"...).

The AMA offers an "Einem-Bonus" for young musicians: Every participant who brings at least one well-prepared musical piece from Einem to the class, receives a voucher of the Vienna music-store and edition "Doblinger". Further vouchers will be awarded to those who will be selected to perform a composition by Einem in public at one of the AMA-concerts.


Festkonzert - 8th of July - 7.00 p.m., Stift Altenburg - Weißer Saal
Birthday-concert "Gottfried von Einem"
With: ANGELIKA KIRCHSCHLAGER & ROBERT LEHRBAUMER performing von Einem and his favorite composers, Mozart, Schubert und Gershwin.
Guests: Vizekanzler a.D. DR. ERHARD BUSEK & Bundesminister a.D. DR. CASPAR EINEM

"Von Einem und anderen" - 13th of July - 7.00 p.m., Oberdürnbach - Katharinenkirche
Faculty and participants of the "AMA" perform Gottfried von Einem and his favorite composers (Mozart, Schubert, Gershwin)