Mieke Stoel

Feldenkrais for music pedagogues

14th –21st July, 2019

The course-offer caters to instrumental and vocal pedagogues as well as students in the field of music-pedagogical studies and all AMA-participants.

Developed by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), this method includes a multitude of somatic-lessons, which every participant learns and explores at his own pace; how can I move effortlessly, and feel more comfortable in my own doing?

A well-known motto of Feldenkrais’: “to make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant.”

The Feldenkrais®-method has proven to be of great value for musicians in multiple aspects:

-Muscle tensions and pains can be eased

-Training of self-perception

-Quality of movement improve, breathing flows more naturally

-More effortless posture, overcoming gravity is facilitated

-Vocal and instrumental techniques benefit

During the four days of practice, we will become acquainted to chosen Feldenkrais-lessons especially suitable for musicians. We will focus on self-perception and -awareness as well as improvement of body consciousness in connection with one’s own musical activity.

A second key issue will be the question how motoric learning-processes work and how students in search of convenient positions and more economic body movements can be supported in practicing and making music.

Please bring a warm blanket and comfortable clothing.